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What Is the Treatment for High BUN

What Is the Treatment for High BUNBUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level is an indicator of kidney condition and normally, it fluctuates in the range of 9-20mg/dL. When BUN level becomes high, medical treatment is needed to control it in normal range, otherwise, further health issues will be caused. Well, what is the treatment for high BUN?

BUN level refers to urea nitrogen level in blood. Urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, so high protein consumption will elevate urea nitrogen level in blood. One of the major jobs of our kidney is to filter blood and during this process, some wastes and unwanted fluid will be removed out of the body as urine. Urea nitrogen is small molecular substances and due to this property, it can pass through kidney freely while kidneys filter blood. Therefore, as long as our kidneys are able to work well, excess urea nitrogen can be removed out of the body. That is why our BUN level is always kept in a stable range.

In medicine, high BUN means kidneys are no longer able to work well to help us filter blood. Under such a condition, not only urea nitrogen, other wastes like creatinine also build up in blood. That is why high BUN level is always go hand in band with high serum creatinine level. Since high BUN indicates kidney problem, so as long as kidney function is improved, high BUN level decreases to the normal range naturally.

As for the treatment for high BUN, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good option. This herbal treatment is not an oral medicine, but an external application of Chinese herbs which have been proven to be of functions like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilation of blood vessels, degradation of extracellular matrix. These herbs are crushed into powder and then packed with special gauze. In the treatment, Chinese medicine packages are put on Shen Shu acupoint where is in our kidney location. Then with the help of advanced medical device-osmoscope, effective ingredients in Chinese herbs arrive at nidus and repair damaged kidney structure. In this way, kidney function can be improved.

We know high BUN is resulted from impaired kidney function, so when kidneys work better, BUN level decreases. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment option for high BUN, because it can solve problem fundamentally and more importantly, it is harmless. If you have high BUN and want to learn more about this treatment, please leave us message directly.

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