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Chinese Treatment to Reduce High Blood Urea Nitrogen

Chinese treatment to reduce high blood urea nitrogen levelIt is common for kidney disease patients to complain of high blood urea nitrogen (BUN), because kidneys are responsible for removing excess urea nitrogen out of the body. When kidneys fail to work well, urea nitrogen accumulate in blood, leading to high BUN. Chinese treatment is especially effective in reducing high blood urea nitrogen. Well, how does Chinese treatment work on it?

The Chinese treatment for high blood urea nitrogen not refers to an oral Chinese medicine or liquid, but a systematic Chinese treatment which is composed of different therapies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Foot Bath and Medicinal Soup. This comprehensive treatment is very effective in reducing high blood urea nitrogen level, and they work on kidney by:

1. Activate kidney intrinsic cells

2. Repair injured kidney tissues

3. Improve blood circulation in the whole body, including kidney

4. Increase bloodstream in kidney

5. Alleviate renal ischemia and renal anoxia

6. Inhibit inflammation

7. Degrade extracellular matrix

8. Increase renal filtration function

In this systematic treatment, many Chinese medicines are used externally, not orally, so we do not need to worry about any side effects. Additional, this treatment reduces high blood urea nitrogen level by improving kidney function, so after this treatment, other kidney-related problems like swelling, proteinuria, tiredness, high serum creatinine level, skin itching, nausea, and electrolyte disturbance also can be eliminated.

Lastly, this systematic Chinese treatment for high blood urea nitrogen level so far is only available in China because it is based on Chinese herbs, Chinese therapies and Chinese medicine theory. Therefore, if you want to this treatment, please leave us message below or contact online doctor for detailed hospitalization process.

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