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Does Painkiller Medicine Raise BUN Level

Does Painkiller Medicine Raise BUN LevelDoes painkiller medicine raise BUN level? The answer is “Yes, painkiller medicine increases risk for high BUN level”. Well, how does painkiller medicine linked to BUN level?

As a matter of fact, painkiller medicine can cause elevation of BUN level, because painkiller medicines are harmful for kidney. BUN is the abbreviation of Blood Urea Nitrogen which is an indicator of kidney condition. Healthy kidneys can clear urea nitrogen away from our blood. However, when kidneys are damaged for some reason, urea nitrogen can not be removed timely, leading to high BUN level. That is why high BUN level indicates kidney problem.

Painkiller helps us alleviate pain feeling, and it is ok for us to take painkiller in low dose. However, if we keep taking this medicine year after year, our kidneys will be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary for these who have taken painkiller for very long year to have medical tests regularly, so as to know well about their kidney function.

How to reduce BUN level if it is elevated by painkiller?

First of all, if your high BUN level is resulted from your years of administration of painkiller, you need to stop taking these medicines or talk to your doctor and ask him to help you chance your medicine.

Secondly, high BUN level indicates impaired kidney function. In a damaged kidney, there are three groups of kidney tissues: healthy kidney tissues, injured kidney tissues and dead kidney tissues. There is nothing we can do for dead kidney tissues, but we can repair injured kidney tissues. In our hospital, damaged kidney is repaired with a systematic Chinese herbal treatment which is composed of Micro-Chinese Medicine, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Foot Bath and Medicinal Soup. This comprehensive treatment is very effective in repairing damaged kidney structure and restoring kidney function. More importantly, it is harmless.

Thirdly, arrange a kidney-beneficial diet. In general, when BUN level is elevated by painkiller medicine, we need to reduce salt intake and protein intake. High salt diet is harmful for kidney and high protein intake will increase production of urea nitrogen. Also, if there is swelling, fluid limitation is also needed.

All in all, painkiller medicine raises BUN level only when it causes kidney damage. In such a case, if we want to reduce BUN level, treatment that can restore kidney function is imperative.

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