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How Dangerous Is High Blood Urea Nitrogen

How Dangerous Is High Blood Urea NitrogenHow dangerous is high blood urea nitrogen? Blood Urea Nitrogen is always shorted as BUN which measures the amount of urea nitrogen, a waste product of protein metabolism, in blood. When BUN level is higher than reference value, we are asked to take effective treatment as soon as possible and also we are told if we fail to manage this problem well, we will face more health issues. However, how dangerous is high BUN? What happens on earth if we leave it alone?

How dangerous is high blood urea nitrogen?

Urea nitrogen is formed when protein is consumed in our body and it is said about 0.3g urea nitrogen is produced when a gram protein is metabolized in our body. As there is no big difference of our daily diet, urea nitrogen fluctuates in the range 3.5-7.1mmol/L or 9-20mg/dL. Our kidneys keep working to help us eliminate excess urea nitrogen. When kidneys are damaged and can not work as well as they did before, urea nitrogen that should be removed will build up in blood, leading to high blood urea nitrogen level.

BUN level is associated with kidney condition, so it is always measured to know about kidney function. Based on clinical studies, when kidneys lose half their filtration function, urea nitrogen level increases. Therefore, in medicine, elevated blood urea nitrogen indicates serious kidney problem.

What happens if we leave high BUN alone?

Medical treatment is needed when BUN level is high, but instead of reducing BUN level, our final goal is improving kidney function. When renal filtration function is improved, excess urea nitrogen can be eliminated timely. Consequently, blood urea nitrogen level decreases. However, if we leave our illness untreated in such a case, kidney function keeps declining and at that time, more and more toxins will build up in our body. This is a very dangerous condition, because these toxins not only further damage kidney, but also damage other parts of our body. That is why kidney failure patients always experience gastrointestinal discomforts, skin problems, bone problems and so on. Besides, among kidney failure patients, cardiovascular disease like heart failure and stroke keeps being the top one cause of death.

How to reduce high blood urea nitrogen level effective?

High BUN level is due to impaired kidney function, so as long as we get kidney function improved, BUN level decreases naturally. If your current treatment can not help you restore kidney function, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Circle Therapy, Steaming Therapy and Mai Kang Mixture and so on. All these are effective Chinese treatments for damaged kidney. They not only repair kidney damages, but also strengthen healthy kidney tissues. More importantly, they are harmless.

All in all, high blood urea nitrogen is dangerous because it indicates serious kidney problem. As long as we keep kidneys in good condition, we do not need to worry about any health issues.

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