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Mai Kang Mixture Reduces High BUN Level Fundamentally

Mai Kang Mixture Reduces High BUN Level FundamentallyIs your BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) higher than reference value 3.5-7.1mmol/L or 9-20mg/dL? Elevated BUN level is a clinical manifestation of kidney damage, which keeps increasing with continuously decline of kidney function. If your level is high, you can take Mai Kang Mixture, as this Chinese medicine can reduce BUN level fundamentally.

What is Mai Kang Mixture?

Mai Kang Mixture is an oral liquid which contains 10 kinds microelement, 6 kinds vitamin, 16kinds amino acid, auricularia auriculajudae polysaccharides, loofah sponge, and various active substances. This Chinese medicine is commonly used in treatment for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and more importantly, it is very helpful in repairing kidney damages as well as restoring kidney function.

How does Mai Kang Mixture reduce BUN level fundamentally?

A BUN test measures the amount of nitrogen in our blood that comes from the waste product urea. Urea nitrogen is a substance with small molecular weight and for this reason, it can pass through kidney freely when it flows through kidney with blood. Our kidney is the natural filter of our blood. In normal condition, urea nitrogen is able to get out of our body through urine. However, in cases of Chronic Kidney Disease, kidneys can not get all the blood filtered timely. As a result, urea nitrogen build up in blood, leading to high BUN level.

Mai Kang Mixture can reduce high BUN level fundamentally, because it can strengthen kidney and improve kidney function. In summary, Mai Kang Mixture benefits damaged kidney in following ways:

-Mai Kang Mixture not only regulates blood pressure and keeps blood pressure in normal range, but also prevents atherosis.

-This Chinese medicine can regulate glycometabolism, which is very protective for our kidneys.

-This oral liquid can repair renal endothelial cells damaged by toxins in blood. This is especially good for one with kidney damage.

-Mai Kang Mixture can normalize immune system and enhance immune function.

-It can nourish kidney and provide kidney tissues with various nutrients.

-Mai Kang Mixture is also able to reduce blood lipid and prevent blood clotting, so as to make sure a good blood circulation in kidney.

Mai Kang Mixture is a very effective Chinese medicine for damaged kidney. It can reduces high BUN level fundamentally just because it can restore kidney function. Additional, as it can improve kidney function, so with help of it, all the other kidney related problems can be successfully solved as well.

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