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ESRD Basics

Chronic renal disease can be divided into 5 stages.Stage 5 renal disease is also called end stage renal disease (ESRD).ESRD is when your kidneys stop working adequately for you to live without replacement treatments mainly including dialysis or a kidney transplant.

ESRD causes

There is a variety of causes of ESRD.Diabetes and high blood pressure are common causes of ESRD in clinic.Other causes include physical injury,immune disorders etc.These conditions can cause impairment of kidney tissues and chronic kidney disease (CKD) in which kidneys fail progressively.If no aggressive treatment is adopted,ESRD will be the final result.

ESRD symptoms

In ESRD,as the kidneys are impaired significantly,a host of symptoms and discomforts will appear.ESRD symptoms mainly include fatigue,nausea and vomiting,cardiovascular disease, and bone disease etc.

How to prevent ESRD?

The best way to prevent ESRD is to prevent CKD.Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of CKD.If these two conditions can be kept in control,it can reduce the incidence of CKD and slow down renal function decline.In addition,the following healthy tips should also be followed.

*Quit smoking and drink alcohol in moderation

*Take proper exercise each day

*Eat a low-fat and low-salt diet

*Have regular checkups with your doctor

If you want to learn more tips to prevent ESRD, you can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com.

How is the prognosis of ESRD?

There is a variety factors which can worsen the prognosis of ESRD.Firstly,the associated complications like high blood pressure and proteinuria etc can worsen renal function significantly.Secondly,the prognosis of ESRD varies from the primary causes of the disease.Thirdly,treatment plays an important role in affecting the prognosis of ESRD.If the renal function can be enhanced, dialysis or kidney transplant will be avoided.

Treatment for ESRD

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the most commonly used treatments for ESRD.However,dialysis has no significance in curing Kidney Failure.As for transplant,it is difficult to get a matched kidney donor.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restore the impaired kidney tissues and improve renal function remarkably. If so, the replacement treatments will be not necessary.

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Symptoms of ESRD

End stage renal disease (ESRD) is featured with renal function between 10~15% of normal.As kidneys play a vital role in body,a host of symptoms will appear as the kidneys are damaged significantly.

Reduced urine output

Healthy kidneys can eliminate extra fluid and metabolic waste products from body in the form of urine.However,in ESRD,the kidneys function poorly and fail to remove those items adequately.When the fluid can not be removed from body,the excess fluid will build up in bloodstream,thus resulting in edema. Meanwhile, the patients will have less urine output.

Skin problems

Skin problems are commonly seen in ESRD mainly including pale skin, uremic frost on skin, itchy skin, and dry skin.

Pale skin: pale skin is mainly due to reduced EPO in body. EPO is a hormone which can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.However,when kidneys become impaired,they will fail to produce enough EPO.

Uremic frost on skin: uremic frost is the crystal of urea.As the kidneys are impaired,urea will build up in body.If the levels of urea become too high, it will appear on skin, thus resulting in uremic frost on skin.

Itchy skin:itchy skin is due to high building up of phosphorus in bloodstream. Phosphorus is an important mineral in keeping the bone healthy, but the diseased kidneys fail to remove it from body adequately.

Dry skin: dry skin is mainly due to two causes.The first one is restricted fluid intake.The second cause is the oil gland disorder.

Unbalanced electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium,potassium,magnesium etc. These electrolytes are important to keep the body healthy. However,too much or too little of these minerals can cause a number of health problems.Excess sodium in body can cause retention of fluid and sodium,resulting in edema.Higher levels of potassium in body can cause irregular heartbeat.

The above are the major symptoms of ESRD. For information on other aspects of ESRD, you can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com and we will give you a reply soon.

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ESRD Complications

End stage renal disease (ESRD) is the last stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in which renal function is less than 15% of normal.As multiple body organs and systems are involved and high levels of waste products build up in body,a host of complications will come into light.


Anemia is a common complication of ESRD and it can make patients feel chill and tired easily.In renal patients, the most common cause of anemia is not having enough of a hormone called EPO.Healthy kidneys make EPO which can tell the bone marrow to make red blood cells.However,when your kidneys are not working well,they may not make enough EPO. Without enough EPO, the bone marrow will not make enough red blood cells, thus resulting in anemia.

Bone disease

Bone disease is a common problem the of ESRD.What does bone disease have to do with kidney disease?Healthy kidneys can keep the right amounts of phosphorus and calcium in your body. However,when kidneys are not working properly,too much phosphorus can build up in your blood.This can cause the body to pull calcium from bones, making them weak. Additionally,healthy kidneys can use vitamin D to keep the bone healthy. However, when your kidneys are not functioning well, your body will not be able to use vitamin D normally as before. This can lead to bone weakness.

Cardiovascular diseases and heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases and heart disease are serious complications of ESERD and also significant death causes for the patients.The conditions can be contributed to a variety of causes like high blood pressure,anemia,hardening of blood vessels etc.

Nerve damage

Never damage in ESRD mainly includes uremic brain disease and peripheral neuritis.As the kidneys are damaged significantly, dangerous levels of uremic toxins will build up in bloodstream. Never damage can cause sleep disorder, headache and dizziness etc.

The above are the major complications of ESRD. For tips to deal with these complications, you can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com .

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A Balanced Diet for ESRD

End stage renal disease (ESRD) is the last stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD).As the kidneys are impaired significantly, they will fail to remove the metabolic waste products from body properly.To reduce strain on kidneys, a balanced diet will help a lot. A recommended diet for ESRD should include:

Fruits and vegetables

More fruits and vegetables should be added in diet for high levels of fiber in those foods.Fiber can lower the levels of blood fat,thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart disease.Meanwhile,the fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.Thereby,it can lower the risk of constipation which is commonly seen in ESRD.However,most of fruits and vegetables are high in potassium which should be cut down in renal diet.

You can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com for a list of recommended fruits and vegetables for ESRD patients.


Our body needs various kinds of minerals to keep us healthy such as sodium,potassium,phosphorus etc.Kidneys play an important role in keeping these minerals balanced. High levels of sodium in body can cause swelling in body.Extra phosphorus in body can give rise to bone problem and skin itching.If potassium level is higher than normal,it can cause irregular heartbeat and even death.Based on the levels of different kinds of minerals in body, a dietitian can help arrange the recommended amount of different minerals in your diet.

High intake of calorie

A restricted diet is required in ESRD,especially low level of proteins in diet.Reduced intake of protein is very likely to cause weight loss and malnutrition. You should consume more calorie to make up for energy and nutrient need.

Low intake of protein

Generally, a low-protein diet is required in ESRD.This is because urea from the metabolism of proteins can cause extra strain on kidneys and accelerate renal function deterioration. However, if you are on dialysis, you may lose protein in during dialysis process. If so, more protein should be added in the diet.

The above are some general dietary suggestions for people with ESRD.As the illness condition varies from individual to individual, the diet should also be different. You can chat with our online doctor for some individualized suggestions.

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Healthy Living for ESRD

Healthy living is a very important part in managing ESRD.In daily life,the patients should pay more attention to their daily activities.


In ESRD,as kidneys are impaired significantly,high levels of waste products will build up in body.The patients should be cautious in selecting foods and choosing those cause no stress on kidneys.A healthy diet for ESRD should be low in protein, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and fluid.The individualized diet plan should be made based on patient’s specific illness condition.


When people develop ESRD,they will become less active, especially those on dialysis.In fact,proper exercise has many benefits on the patients.It can help lower high blood pressure, lower blood sugar level in Diabetes,reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,and improve the overall condition.The patients should choose mild aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, walking, jogging etc and avoid strenuous exercise.

Sex life

Sex life is an important part in daily life.In ESRD,a lot of factors can affect the patients’ normal sex life.Firstly,fatigue is commonly seen among the patients.Many patients are too tired to have sex.Secondly,the endocrine disorder can occur. Inadequate sex hormone can reduce the patient’s desire for sex. Thirdly,some patients worry that having sex can affect their so they choose not to have sex.

If the patients with ESRD can not have normal sex life, they should report the issue to their doctor.Or you can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com for some suggestions.

ESRD and pregnancy

Whether ESRD patients can have a successful pregnancy is a common concern for them.The good news is that many women have a healthy baby successfully.However,not all patients with ESRD are recommended to get pregnant.The fetus also can produce waste products in blood which can burden kidneys. Additionally, pregnancy can cause abnormal renal blood flow, thus causing extra stress on kidneys.Therefore,before getting pregnant, the patients should consult with a doctor.During pregnancy, the patients should be monitored closely.

The above are some tips on healthy living for people with ESRD. For more information about this, you can chat with our online doctor.

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ESRD Treatment

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be divided into 5 stages. End stage renal disease (ESRD) is the last stage of CKD.Based on the patient’s condition,an individualized treatment plan will be made.ESRD treatment mainly includes:

Kidney replacement treatment

When kidneys fail to function to filter out waste products from body,kidney replacement will be the first-line treatment for ESRD including Dialysis and kidney transplant.Dialysis can take over partial renal function to make the blood clean. However,it is not a cure for Kidney Failure at all.The average life span of dialysis patients is just between 5~6 years.

Kidney Transplant is a procedure in which the diseased kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney.However,it is difficult to get a matched kidney.Also,the average survival time of the new kidney is less than 10 years.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for ESRD.It has been used to treat kidney disease in clinic for around 30 years and the clinical practice has showed enormous treatment effects.The osmotherapy is an externally applied therapy in which the shattered medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesion directly through the kidney area.The effective medicines can dilate blood vessels and increase the excretion of waste products from body.Thereby,it can create a favorable internal environment for restoring the impaired kidney structure.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can improve renal function in ESRD enormously by restoring the impaired kidneys.Stem cells are a group of immature and undifferentiated cells in body.They have powerful self-regeneration and self-duplication capacities. Based on their homing ability,stem cells can differentiate into different types of cells that body needs.In treating ESRD, stem cells can differentiate into renal intrinsic cells to replace the impaired cells.In this way,the renal structure will be restored and renal function will be improved.

Blood Purification

Blood purification is a nonspecific treatment,but a group of treatment methods to eliminate wastes from body.Based on the types of kidney disease and waste products,different types of blood purification methods will be applied to purify blood.In some cases, some elements can be supplied to blood during treatment process.

The above is a general list of treatments for ESRD. For more detailed information about them, you can email to chinakidneytherapy@gmail.com.

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