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Polycystic kidney disease is a family disease.Many cysts enlarge and increase as time passes by.The early symptoms for Polycystic kidney disease are backaches and high blood more

Chronic kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function gradually.With its development,many clinical symptoms occur in the whole body,which speed up the progression of chronic kidney more

FSGS is another top reason for kidney failure and most patients suffer from kidney failure in the end.So the early detection of FSGS is so significant that natural treatment can be applied to slow the progression of kidney more


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Renal Hematuria:Reasons and Natural Therapies

Renal Hematuria:Reasons and Natural TherapiesHematuria is a condition that the red blood cells present in the urine.Hematuria has two kinds:gross and microscopic hematuria.Gross hematuria can be found immediately because the color of the urine changes distinctly.It is necessary for us to learn about reasons and therapies for renal hematuria so that we can grasp the best time to accept a suitable treatment.Brief introductions are as follows:

Reasons for Renal Hematuria

Renal hematuria refers to blood in the urine caused glomeruli.The clinical renal hematuria symptoms includes blood in the urine,proteinuria.Most of them relate to primary glomerular disease such as nephritis,FSGS,kidney cyst,polycystic kidney disease.Meanwhile,some secondary glomerular disease for instance lupus nephritis,purpura nephritis.Without effective and complete therapies or frequently reoccurrence,hematuria deteriorates,which makes sufferers enter into kidney failure as soon as possible.

In authority perspective,most medical masters hold the opinion that hematuria associates with immune system.More specifically,the immune complex which is the combination of antibody and antigen deposits in the mesangial areas thus destroying the filtration barrier function of glomerular basement membrane.Meanwhile,mesangial cells grows and Mesangial matrix hyperplasia occurs.Therefore renal hematuria is contributed to.However,most people think that hematuria is not necessary.To be honest,hematuria is desperately needed a therapy.With the consistently damage of glomerular basement membrane,FSGS is the fatal destiny.Therefore,early detection of renal hematuria is significant.

Natural therapies for renal hematuria

As we all know,with fast development of advanced techniques medical theories,many pills are produced.Although they can relieve renal hematuria quickly,side effects follows still,which can also damage kidney seriously.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

According to reasons for renal hematuria,renal hematuria sufferers have kidney damages.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy contains active Chinese medicine materials which focuses on impairing kidney tissues,protecting kidney and rebuilding kidney functions thus improving renal function.Finally the impaired kidney tissues are recovered and renal hematuria alleviates.

Apart from Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,we have many other therapies.You can know more by emailing to .

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