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Does Hematuria Mean Blood Look Red

Does Hematuria Mean Blood Look RedHematuria is a common problem that kidney disease patients experience, well, what does hematuria mean on earth? Does hematuria mean blood look red?

What is hematuria?

In medicine, hematuria is the presence of red blood cell in urine. Red blood cell is also called erythrocyte which is the most common type of blood cell. Hemoglobin is the protein in our red blood cells that carries oxygen. Due to hemoglobin in red blood cells, our blood look red. Low red blood cell means low hemoglobin level. That is why people with anemia, which is diagnosed with red blood cell count is lower than normal range, always experience pale complexion. For people with hematuria, they have excess red blood cells in their urine, and this may cause change of urine color.

Does hematuria mean blood look red?

As we have mentioned above, hemoglobin is an important protein of our red blood cell and also the reason for our blood look red. With excess red blood cells in urine, it is possible for urine to look red, however, it does not mean all the people with hematuria must have red urine.

The severity of hematuria is related with the count of red blood cell and generally, the more red blood cells in urine, the more serious the hematuria. For people with severe hematuria, their urine might look red, but for these who have mild hematuria, their urine might be dark orange, tea-colored, rust-color and or color of water where meet is washed.

Hematuria does mean blood look red, but once hematuria is diagnosed, we need to take treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid worsening of illness condition. In kidney disease, hematuria occurs due to damaged kidney structure, so if we want to get this problem solved fundamentally and permanently, we need to repair damaged kidney structure and improve kidney function. In this way, not only hematuria can be cured, but also many other problems are solved effectively.

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