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Lupus Nephritis

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What Factors Can Worsen Lupus Nephritis

What Factors Can Worsen Lupus NephritisWhat are the factors worsening Lupus Nephritis (LN)? Lupus Nephritis is a common kidney disease and it affects your body health greatly. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to it but also have a good knowledge of it. It is very necessary. Lupus Nephritis patients often have this doubt, namely, their condition is worsened suddenly. They do not the reason. Well then, here our kidney expert will introduce your the causes that worsen LN.

Lupus nephritis can occur at any age, but is given priority to adolescents and middle-age men. Many factors can induce it and many symptoms will occur. Most lupus nephritis slowly happens and its symptoms include occult blood, proteinuria, high blood pressure and edema.

What factors can irritate lupus nephritis?

1. Medications which have toxic effects on kidneys

Aminoglycosides may worsen Lupus Nephritis. Chronic lupus nephritis patients must control these medications’ dosage so as to reduce the damage to kidneys.

2. Overtired

It includes excessive exercise, long time of manual labor and burning the midnight oil. These all worsens Lupus Nephritis. Do not damage your body health due to life pressure.

3. Infection

The attack of virus or bacteria also can aggravate lupus nephritis including sore throat, upper respiratory tract infection, flu and other illness.

4. Other causes

Acid-based imbalance and water-electrolyte disorder are more likely to worsen Lupus Nephritis.

Generally speaking, if you have abnormal urine test, swelling and high blood pressure, no matter whether you have kidney damage or not, you should consider Lupus Nephritis. Renal biopsy can form a correct diagnosis and also it is beneficial to guide treatment and prognosis. In the early stage, patients should take relative therapies to inhibit immune mediated inflammation, prevent cell proliferation and reduce renal fibrosis.

What can worsen Lupus Nephritis? As for this question, I hope you have had a clear knowledge about it. The leading factor is infection so you should take it seriously.

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