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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Alport Syndrome, Swelling Disappear, Go Home Now

Do you know Alport Syndrome? It is also called hereditary nephritis. The following will tell you a patient who suffers from Alport Syndrome.

His name is Xiaoxing, 9 years old. 2 years ago, with eyelid swelling, there was protein 3+ in his urine and he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. However, after 3 months of treatment, there was no improvement at all. Later on, his local hospital diagnosed him with Alport Syndrome. The doctor told his parents that this disease is a hereditary disease and it is caused by genetic mutation. Up to now, western medicines can not treat this disease. Hearing such news, his parents had no choice but to leave this hospital.
Alport Syndrome, Swellin g Disappear, Go Home NowAlport Syndrome, Swelling Disappear, Go Home Now

When leaving the hospital, Xiaoxing took Chinese medicines but swelling still existed. But they did not give up the treatment so they began to look for hospital which gives priority to Chinese medicines. Finally, under the friend’s instruction, they came to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for treatment.

In our hospital, our doctor first gave him a thorough check up. We all know exact diagnosis is very important for the following treatment. With medical check up, we found his protein was 3+ and 24h urine protein quantitation was 3.86g. Based on his medical condition, our doctor gave him a systematic Chinese medicine therapy. Although Alport Syndrome can not be treated completely, we can use Chinese medicines to stabilize your medical condition.
Alport Syndrome, Swellin g Disappear, Go Home NowAlport Syndrome, Swellin g Disappear, Go Home Now

The dosage is not same. Our doctor will adjust the dosage timely according to his specific illness condition. His treatment plan includes 3 times of physical therapy, take two bottles of Mai Kang Mixture, take twice of oral Chinese medicine soup and also take Medicated Foot Bath once a day. With his cooperation, his protein was reduced to 1+ and 24h urine protein quantity was reduced to 0.78g after 28 days of our unique Chinese medicine treatment. Moreover, his swelling disappeared. They can go home to spend a happy new year.

As for hereditary disease, our hospital aims to restore injured glomerular basement membrane, also remove lots of toxins and pathological tissues depositing in basement membrane. With the restoration of basement membrane, urine protein will disappear gradually. The curative effect is good and lasting.

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