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What Is the Diet Plan for Proteinuria

What Is the Diet Plan for ProteinuriaWhat is the diet plan for proteinuria? We need to be careful about foods we eat every day when there are too much protein in our urine, because improper diet habits will worsen this condition. Well, what is the diet plan for proteinuria?

Proteinuria refers to protein with excess protein in urine. Normally, protein lost in urine is less than 150mg in 24 hours. When there is kidney problem, protein leakage appears. In such a case, if we do urine test, we will find 24-hour urinary protein quantity is high, which means there are too much protein in urine.

Kidney disease is just one of the causes of proteinuria and besides it, there are many others like urinary tract infection, fever and drastic physical exercises. For one with proteinuria caused by kidney disease, the following diet principles should be following while making diet plan.

1. Low-salt

Low-salt diet is needed because it elevates blood pressure, which may cause further damage on kidney. Severity of proteinuria is proportional to severity of kidney damage, so it is necessary to control salt intake to protect residual kidney function.

2. High quality protein

High quality protein is the protein which can provide our body with essential amino-acid and meanwhile produce less wastes. End product of protein is urea nitrogen which needs to be removed by kidney, so ingesting high quality protein helps to reduce kidney burden. In our daily diet, high quality protein can be found in lean meat, egg white, fish and milk.

3. Adjust protein intake

Protein intake also should be adjusted with proteinuria and how much protein is needed a day is based on residual kidney function. As for this aspect, you can consult our online doctor for detailed information.

4. Foods high in carbohydrate

Foods high in carbohydrate are recommended because these foods can provide our body with energy, which helps to reduce consumption of protein.

The above are the general dietary principle for one with proteinuria caused by kidney disease. If there is anything clear, please leave us message below. Besides, diet changes are needed when kidney is damaged, but this does not mean we can get cured by changing diet habits. To get good recovery, medical treatment is imperative.

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