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What To Do when Kidneys Leak Protein In Urine

What to do when kidneys leak protein in urineWhen kidneys leak protein in urine, it means kidney tissues have been damaged and our kidneys can not work normally to support our life. Well, what can we do in such a case to help with it?

Why do kidneys leak protein in urine?

In normal condition, protein lost from urine is less than 150mg in 24 hours. Such a small among of protein can not be detected with routine urine test, so we usually say there is no protein in our urine.

Kidneys play an important role in keeping protein in our body. Healthy kidneys are able to stop protein leakage owing to glomerular filtration membrane. This membrane has two barriers which are mechanical barrier and charge barrier. Mechanical barrier is to stop protein with large molecular weight and charge barrier is to stop protein with negative charge. Therefore, finally only very small amount of protein are able to leak in urine. Presence of protein in urine means kidneys are damaged and they cannot play their function well to stop protein from leaking into urine.

What to do when kidneys leak protein in urine?

When there is high levels of protein in urine due to kidney problem, the following measures are needed:

1. A well-planed diet

A well-planed diet refers to proper protein intake which is decided based on the severity of kidney damage. Also, high quality protein which can be found in egg white, fish, milk and lean meat is always recommended. We make diet changes not because we can be cured by diet, just because we need to reducing burden on kidney.

2. Find out the real cause of kidney damage and then remove the causes

Kidney damage can be caused by many illnesses or conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension. Tight control of primary cause is very important for protecting residual kidney function.

3. Repair injured kidney tissues

Since protein leak in urine due to damaged kidney structure, so by repairing injured renal tissues, protein leakage can be stopped. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment which is derived from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is very effective in repairing injured kidney tissues. If you have not find an effective treatment now, you can take this herbal treatment.

Lastly, in many cases, patients are prescribed with some oral medicines like prednisone, cyclophosphamide or cellcept to reduce protein in urine. These medicines are helpful, but as they can not repair kidney damages, protein leakage relapses frequently. If you are finding an permanent solution to stop kidney to leak protein in urine, treatment that can repair kidney damages is needed.

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